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From Reddit: I look at this picture whenever I think life has been unfair to me 

I look at this picture whenever I think life has been unfair to me from pics

Some back story of the image:

This photograph was taken in India, by Gautam Basu, and won CIWEM Environmental Photographer of the Year in 2011.

The area they are in is referred to as the ‘Pipe Slum’ and are old pipes that were discarded by the city after the completion of a water project. The rest of the slum is made up of ramshackle shanties that are built over and around the pipes. The area is also home to a number of children attending a nearby compassion project.

Like India, Manila in the Philippines also has homeless people and families living in similar concrete and steel pipes. These steel pipes were intented to be used by the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS) on the construction of a water system. News article

Why I haven’t been posting much recently

I wrote this:

Lyssa’s Dream

Aeon 14 Sentience Wars: Origins, Book 1

. . . and now I’m hard at work on Book 2: Lyssa’s Run.

Chris Staples – Dark Side of the Moon

This song had a big impact on how Andy Sykes in Lyssa’s Dream feels about his kids.

Port of Call by Duncan Halleck

Interplanetary Arrivals by ogelko

Intentions and Acknowledgements for 1-23-17


Newsletter: I’m going to get a newsletter out this week, focusing on Yoon Ha Lee’s Nine Fox Gambit. I’m also going to talk about the $.99 promotion for the Expanding Universe. And also probably touch on the Phoenix Prime mentorship and everything it’s had me doing, so I can show some writing progress.

Blog: I’m going to get this blog out today whether it kills me. I’m also going to post something to the blog at least once a day this week, probably art-related.

Word count: I’m going to write 2000 words a day. I need to finish the dead man on like Lynn Sartor this week. I need to get

I need to finish the Dead Man on Laiklin Sartor this week. I need to get Incident at Trinsa into a publishable shape, and I need to finish Suldrun’s Fire.

I will also focus my time on the computer on actually doing work. I got sucked into Photoshop this weekend, which I discovered is an incredible time sink. For my mentorship, we were designing covers, which is fun but I discovered is more difficult to let go of than writing. Probably because I’m not at good as it as I would like to be, and Photoshop CC feels like a screwdriver with a hundred ways to get a screw into wood. Mainly I need to be able to draw spaceships. Why can’t I draw spaceships?

At least it feels more productive than playing a video game but it’s not as relaxing. Although I  did learn some digital painting techniques, which is something I want to do more. And boy do I appreciate all the tutorials on Youtube.

The last two weeks have been difficult because my wife was in the hospital for a planned surgery. Everything went well, thankfully, but it really made for some challenges in my writing schedule. It was very difficult to focus because I was worried about her all the time. However, I think it’s important to acknowledge that life keeps on happening and you do your best.

I really appreciate that she supported me and was okay with me having a laptop in my lap while we were sitting at the hospital waiting to do things. We both watched a lot of TV together. The funny thing is that due to the drugs she doesn’t remember most of it.

I’m not a big fan of time in the hospital (who is?). However, it does help remind me what’s important and helps me stay focused on the act and process of writing versus other ideas of success, or what it means to meet goals. My spouse supports me in it. I enjoy it. I like the other people who write and read, and it beats buying and storing an ATV.

Island by Michael Bukowy

Island by Michał Bukowy.

More info on the artists facebook:

Voxel Art: Medieval Castle by Sir_carma

More info on their twitter feed: (If it doesn’t loop, you can probably right-click and choose loop to get the best viewing experience.)

Quicklink: Youtube Playlist on Microbial Research

Illuminati & Blueberries by Magnus Jansson

Copic and Ink. You can see more on his instagram: