Info sent for the Expanding Universe Anthology

Info I sent in for the latest anthology:

Genre of your story: Space Opera/Space Exploration

Intro (3rd person) to the story, maybe 150 words: New ShipLord Asarik Karak is about to take her crew and ship, Serens’ Reach, through the long-dormant Halith Gate, a wormhole built by humanity and then lost during a great Galactic Dark Age. If the gate fails to activate, everyone aboard the exploration vessel will be caught in its gravity for the rest of their lives. If they make it through, they may discover lost colony worlds hungry to reconnect with humanity — or a horror cut-off from the Known Worlds to protect those who survived the ancient war that spawned the Dark Age. For Asarik, haunted by the battle that killed her mother and her father’s political manipulations, Halith and its lost colony worlds are a chance to prove herself to her crew and strike her own path into the future, if Serens’ Reach can survive the crossing and what they find on the other side.

Short bio with a link to your landing page: James S. Aaron is an army vet with experience points in journalism, retail hijinks, airspace control and lately chicken wrangling. He lives in Oregon by the McKenzie River. You find out more at, or

Other Books by listing: