Intentions and Acknowledgements for 12/19/16

The weather didn’t want to play nice last week and we had an ice storm that set the whole area back about 100 years. Some people were without power for nearly five days. Luckily that didn’t happen to us, but I was shut out of work for two days. While that might have turned into writing time, it was really a lot of chasing pipes around the house to make sure nothing froze and keeping my chickens from becoming ice-pops.

Despite that, I did manage to write quite a bit. While my goal was to write a 15k novella to have ready before the 22nd, when another deadline sets in, I wrote 12k on what is most likely going to be a 40k short novel. I’m excited about that.

Intentions for this week:

  • Publish a blog post.
  • Send out newsletter.
  • Finish short novel.
  • Write 1000-word comedy piece based on the prompts:
    • MMOC (Massively Multiplayer Online Christmas)
    • Sentient Snow
    • (I’m going to try and cram them both together.)
  • Attend Wordos Holiday reading
  • Finish another 15k on short caper novel
  • Get up on time and write in the morning.


I’m really excited about the amount of work I got done this week. If I can keep up this kind of output, I can definitely look at publishing a short novel a month. It’s all about knowing what I want to write. (Writer’s block is a lack of plotting/planning.)

I took part in a book promo that added an additional 4000 subscribers to the newsletter. I’m going to keep tweaking the newsletter format to make is useful and fun to write.

Last week was a big launch week for me, with Ground Private Parvel, Dead Miner’s Mother, Hawk of Destiny’s Fist and The Expanding Universe all appearing on Amazon on the same day. While my sales haven’t been huge, I’m getting more reads in KU than I ever have, and had more sales in the last week than I had all year on Emerald Emergent and Voices in the Woods. So I think I’m on the write path. This year is all about producing work, not so much marketing in terms of expensive covers/etc. I want to write a lot, maintain the newsletter, and establish great habits. Boom.

See you next week. . .