Also: What happened to your family?

1 year ago
man, i WAS SO IMPRESSED BY THE LOOKS OF THAT ROOMY hall where deckard examines rachel ,that i reproduced it in my own house with the use of stained glass and the intensive use of vitrals so illumination resulted in such atmosphere of peaceful quietness,it was the favorite room of the house for my family, they felt protected inside it…the sound system rounded the stance… nowadays, after i lost my family ,it is not as nice as it used to be, but i am restoring it to its original glory as a tribute for my them, even tough i am the only one who is going to enjoy it, i can almost watch that flying owl going through it … thanks for the memories, as soon as i can, i will get this album, it is a masterpiece as it is… parts of my life are missing, but my memories will not fade away….

Rod Mackintosh
+EKO EKO AZARAK i have wanted that room forever……..with the curtain that slowly descends to dim the room just a bit. Sadly a lot of the furnishings are almost out of focus…………….difficult to find..

+Rod Mackintosh YOU ARE RIGHT,the details are hard to appreciate because of the lighting, so ,in my case,i left that selection to my wife and she did it wonderfully, inj fact, the courtain effect was a creation of hers, with a motorized transparent vinyl courtain, a masterpiece from her mind… wow, being in that room is a trip memory lane, hope i get to enjoy it soon, you know? yesterday, when i was taking brekfast inside the room, i actuated the courtain and, suddenly, listened my kids laugh and the sweet voice of my wife calling us to eat as usual, what a moment, man,some people would say it was her ghost droping by to greet me, but i think it is, simply that i have been reluctant to mourn them as they deserve, as if they were absent temporally, i really loved that sensation, as if ,in any moment, they would appear before me as if nothing ever happened to them… fool that i am…thinking to myself,i need to live that part of my life in all the extent, hope i could take it some day… cheers, man

Rod Mackintosh
letting go is a talent we rarely learn because noone is taught about this. I am sorry for your loss.
As tryell said ….”Revel in your time”….

metalgearsolid_ JG
+EKO EKO AZARAK I love that scene!

Music Is My Medicine
+EKO EKO AZARAK sorry for your loss…would like to see photos of your recreation of the room

Rainy Day
+EKO EKO AZARAK Sorry for your loss.

can you make photos of it? :V also: what happened to your family?