Alternate Timeline Tech

I’m always interested in points where tech changes. Something interesting appears, like the Vadem Clio, Apple Newton or the Nokia 7380, and the market responds to move that direction or to move away toward the familiar and boring, following incremental changes.

I’ve mostly been looking at 90s laptops. The form of the laptop hadn’t quite become the two tablets slapped together that we have today, and there were still plenty of interesting ideas.

I find most stuff on ebay, but also like to check Cassette Futurism on Reddit.

King Jim Portabook XMC10 Netbook UMPC Laptop 701C

NTT Docomo NEC Sigmarion 1

Paoku P&C Co LT5200CD

Zenith SupersPORT 286 ZWL-0200-02

Acer AnyWare 386S:
measuring 8.5 by 11.4 by 2.3 and weighing 6.2 lbs: it has a 20MHz 80386SX, 4Mb, floppy and 40Mb hard disk plus MS-DOS 5.0

Highscreen 486DX33

Canon Innova 386NX (US2-3S01)

Canon Innova Book 350CD


NEC ProSpeed 286

Sega TeraDrive

Sega TeraDrive

The TeraDrive (テラドライブ, TeraDoraibu) is an IBM PC compatible system with an integrated Mega Drive, developed by Sega and manufactured by IBM in 1991. The TeraDrive allowed for Mega Drive games to be played the same time as the PC section is being used, as it is possible for the Mega Drive and PC hardware to interact with each other. The system was only released in Japan. Sega hoped that integrating the then popular Mega Drive console into an IBM PC would attract potential customers wishing to purchase a PC, but the system proved unpopular and was a commercial failure.