NixOS on Framework laptop

Source: NixOS on Framework laptop

Cool article on going hands-on with the Framework Laptop. Keep in mind that the author is installing a fringe version of Linux on the Framework. The laptop is designed to work out of the box with Windows 10 or Ubuntu, so the normal user won’t have the same issues. For me, the main takeaway here is the comparison between the Framework, a Thinkpad X1 and a 2016 MBP, with attention paid to the keyboards.

I just don’t need a new laptop enough to drop $1000 on one of these, but if I was in the market for a new main workstation, I would definitely be looking at the Framework. Everything about the laptop is repairable and customizable, and if you’re willing to put the laptop together (which is fun in itself) you can get it for much less than a comparable ThinkPad or MacBook Pro.

The other killer app on the Framework is the ability to mix and match ports, so you can swap out USB-C for Ethernet, or a Micro SD reader, or USB-A, etc. They’ve started a marketplace for sellers to create specialty ports as well.

I’m excited to see where these go.