clio 1000

Vadem Clio-1000/1050 Teardown

I have two faulty Vadem Clio devices, ultra-portable PCs from 1999, running Windows CE 3.0. The 1000 has a bad screen, and the 1050 got fried with an over-voltage AC adapter (a very sad accident.)

Structurally, the machines are almost the same. While the 1050 has an upgraded screen, processor, ROM and screen, the plastics all look identical.

I tried swapping the good 1000 motherboard to the 1050 with the good screen, and it would flash a Vadem at startup, and then go dark. I was worried the swap wouldn’t work because the 1050 has an upgraded screen… and it didn’t work.

I’m working now to do a single board PC swap into the plastics, currently planning to use a Radxa Zero. I’ll update this post as I go.