Consistency Step 1 – 11-16-23

Always starting over, and that's all right.

Things that are working now:
  • Getting kiddo to school early. She likes to eat breakfast and we aren't rushed getting out of the house.
  • Deleting Reddit from my phone. Leaving Reddit in new web design on the website and not logging in (I hate reading the new site)
  • Baby steps
  • Remoting into primary PC and doing most work there
  • Comixology for comics
  • Low carb diet is feeling great. I've reduced overeating and I don't feel hungry all the time.
Things that aren't working:
  • Thinking I'll write at the end of the work day
  • Going to bed too late.
  • Not doing some sort of consistent writing every day.
  • Being sick
  • Taking care of others and not prioritizing myself (VA Claim, new glasses, etc)

Author: James Aaron

Oregonian, father, tinkerer, gardener. I like to build things. I'm a #sciencefiction writer ( and #retrotech curmudgeon. Member of the Wordos, and the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Association (SFWA)