Writing at the Kitchen Counter

I just wasted two minutes looking for a certain gif for this post. It showed a kid in a red shirt dancing shouting “Let's GOOOOOOO” and it indicated how I feel about 2023.
While I was looking for the gif, standing at the kitchen counter, my daughter took the opportunity to ask for juice, and then hounded me until I got it for her. She did eventually say please, but as long as she can see me, I'm fair game for service.
I often find myself dwelling on the opportunities I've been given and how I squander them in various ways. I don't want to do that anymore. I've been pretty lucky that I get opportunities to write things, and I've let that slide over the last few years.
I tend to focus on the task that's write in front of me, like going to work, or solving the latest work problem, and writing a novel isn't that kind of problem. It isn't like the daughter making small shrieking sounds because she wants apple juice. The novel doesn't even come in the room, but when the deadline passes, you know it's there, starting to smell bad because it didn't get cooked all the way and now the ideas holding it together are starting to mold.
I hate that.
Lots of things pulling at my attention. My mom calls me six times a day and doesn't remember that she called. She asks me why she has all this lunch meat in her fridge that we just bought at the grocery story because she said she didn't have anything to eat. And what's she going to do by herself? Am I bringing the kiddo down? No, I'm at work, mom.

And other family things. Cub Scouts is great, and legos are great. Vet appointments are necessary and health problems suck. It's all whirling around my head when I put my hands on the keyboard, and then it's just easier to give in and read comments on reddit for 30 minutes until something else pops up.
Can't do that anymore.

I did delete reddit off my phone, and I logged out on all my PCs. The withdrawal has begun. I'll keep you posted.

Author: James Aaron

Oregonian, father, tinkerer, gardener. I like to build things. I'm a #sciencefiction writer (jamesaaron.net/books) and #retrotech curmudgeon. Member of the Wordos, and the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Association (SFWA)