Mental Budgets

We're in the time of year where I am reminded that I like to spend money. It goes back to deprivation as a kid, not getting the toys other kids had, not getting the good corn flakes. Not understanding why those things didn't matter much, only that I was being told no. Now it's a powerful drug to be able to buy the things I want.
Combine this with an obsession with prices, the retail cycle, and tech, and I can spend a lot of money during Black Friday sales. I'm not buying a jet ski, but a 3D printer is still a good purchase, especially when I didn't budget for my dog's teeth cleaning that's going to cost $700.

Mint is going to cease operation and become part of Credit Karma. If I come back and read this in 20 years, all I should remember is how this is the most recent example of useful software that I used got acquired by a company (Intuit) and then killed.
Goals for this week:
  • At least 2000 words a day on Lyssa's Control. I'm going to finish this book.
  • Spend time with family.
  • Get in habit of taking notes as thoughts occur to me. How: carry a notebook and pen. Make a habit of transferring better notes to computer
  • Clean up and organize office. Organize projects so they aren't sitting all over the place.
  • Take Sawyer for a walk every day that I'm off.
I read an article about Ozempic ( that mentioned the “Constant Food Noise” in people's heads. Thinking about what they're going to eat, worrying about food, wanting food. Three weeks into low carb again and I feel like the noise has subsided. I'm not feeling the desire to eat all the time and have to remind myself to eat. I like this and want to continue this way. I'm down 13 pounds. Seeing my wife in pain from her Crohn's is also not helping my appetite. We're moving into a new relationship with food, where everyone in the house is eating something different at meal times. We still sit down together, but it's different. We'll adapt.
Started listening to the series that I might be writing in and am already reminded of why I like it. I hope to learn new things from this process.

We're also planning a brunch with friends, coming soon, and a party for local writers at the end of December. I feel good about social engagement, so that's a positive sign.

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